Hi I’m Rick Hernandez. I would like to introduce myself and share my background. I began training in the Martial Arts in 1973. I grew up in the South Bronx NYC. I have been fortunate to have found and trained with many great teachers of the Martial Arts and Combatives. I founded Improvised Combat Survival Systems in 1989.

I have extensive training in the warrior arts from various cultures. For the last 25 years I have been traveling around the world and teaching Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military special operations.

The arts that I teach fall under the Improvised Combat Survival Systems. I have extensive training in Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, American, Thai and other South East Asian warrior arts.

Here’s how it works. Go to Online Training Programs. Choose videos from the two categories: Primal Warrior Series and Optimal Body Intelligence Training for Combat. Add to cart. Buy and pay through pay pal. Once you buy a video it will be stored on your own personal my page section of the site for you to view any time.

Before you join please ask yourself if you are really serious about learning. Drop me a line before you purchase a video. The material is only for serious people and may not be for you. I would rather you didn’t buy a video if you are not serious about learning.

ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM: Optimal Body Intelligence Training for Combat- Over 18 hours of personal instruction.

Rick Hernandez takes you step by step in detailed instruction on how to optimize you body IQ for combat. Each video is like having a private class on the vital principles on how to generate explosive speed and power and flow in all your movements! Each training template is broken down and thoroughly explained for you to practice and raise your knowledge, skills, and abilities! Professor Hernandez will cover the principles of tracking the body, pumping spine waves, pivot waves, rubber snapping power, throwing and catching the ball, whole body pendulum kicks, explosive scaling strikes, spiraling power generations, standing and ground power, rope training, weight training for combat, optimal stick and blade movements, and much more! You don’t need expensive equipment or a fancy uniform. You just need a minimal, secure space where you can move a bit. You can practice empty-handed, or with your available weapons. If you have something you can hit or kick, like a heavy bag, that’s great, but you can also improvise with a duffel bag to create a resistive target.”

OBITFC training is designed to go beyond developing the standard “Human” attributes that are normally trained. Many methods use standard ways to develop and maximize strength, speed, and endurance for combat.Every OBITFC exercise is formulated to beat out as we like to say, “The getting in our own way human part of us” and bring out or release the primal animal part in all of us! When developing the body for a particular sport or mission we have to figure out a way of maximizing the use of our physical structure to enhance speed, power, and coordination.
A soccer player may train differently than a Navy Seal but each has abilities and both are physically fit. To name a few qualities, If you’ve ever watched any great athlete, the best ones usually have a combination of fluidity, timing, power, explosiveness, and mindset. Fluidity exercises helps you be more in tuned with your body. You’ll learn how to center and track your body heightening self awareness. OBITFC exercises are designed to outperform your current abilities by focusing on body state and intent training. One might say, “well what is body state and intent training?” It’s when you condition your mind and body to go beyond the current understanding of optimal physical performance!

If you choose to build the template for developing Optimal Body Intelligence, please follow the OBITFC Series in sequential order. OBTIFC 1,2,3,… and so forth. Each continuing video will help reinforce the vital principles of the preceding video and help you build a strong foundation for the more advanced principles as the templates grow. Covered in all videos are very important Body State, intention, and visualization principles that will facilitate proper development of your Body IQ. As these templates are built, they will cover the vital principles of Kuntao, Baguazhang, and the 12 Fields of combat which will include, Whole body power and acceleration development, Footwork, Impact Body conditioning, Geometric body principles, Special Rope exercises for combat, Ground training, combat weight training, Animal Body development, Kuntao fighting sets, Baguazhang fighting sets, and Stick and Blade fighting sets. There is a commitment to the training. Please if you are not mature or if you are not ready to really commit to working hard, don’t buy these videos. You will be wasting your time! If you are a Master, then you should leave this site!


Rick Hernandez will guide you on the vital combat principles of generating strikes under the radar, tracking, percussive strikes, adhesive, strikes, joint locks, spine manipulations, throws, power strikes, collapsed and extended weapons, Surviving knife and gun attacks, and primal animal aggression tactics using the power of tiger, chaos of the monkey, striking and locks of the snake, and heavy strikes, and throws of the hawk! The Primal Warrior Series is designed to share ideas about using vital combat principles to effectively deal with various levels of violence. These are ideas based on sound principles and ultimately share a strong template for survival. Real predator survival is not about techniques! It’s based on the understanding on how predators work. How real attacks occur! How predators set you up! Whether with a Gun, Knife, or multiple attackers. Always remember that you are the technique! As your raise your level of understanding then your own combat IQ will rise to the level of the Primal Warrior!

The idea of fear must be upgraded to a heightened awareness of the internal and external world. Fear is the epitome of the lack of awareness of all the selves. By having this awareness of self, you will then truly understand everyone in front of you. These people may come in the guise of an ally and use all the tricks of manipulation to prey on your lack of awareness. This may be a physical, psychological, emotional, and/or financial attack. If you can gain access to the deeper parts of you contained in the doors in which only you have the keys, then and only then can you re program your system to become physically, psychologically, and emotionally optimal!


  • Kuntao Impact Training
  • Kuntao Combat Fighting Sets
  • Combat Baguazhang Fighting Sets.
  • 12 Fields of Combat Knife Survival System
  • 12 Fields of Combat Power Stick fighting System
  • Improvised Weapons Training
  • Primal Animal Fighting Sets. Standing and ground
  • Primal Animal Workout training